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Capitol Chapter Oregon Hunters Association

                     Capitol Chapter, Oregon Hunters' Association

September 2018
As September continues to move on I hope the archers and Antelope hunters had good luck. I haven't heard of many animals taken, but I have seen some nice photos.

Archery season will start soon. I hope all are aware that this is a BAD FIRE SEASON, please be careful out there. Before you go be sure to check the fire use restrictions at these sites;

Northwest Interagency Coordination Center:

Oregon Department of Forestry:

Our September general membership meeting will host Loren Chase of ODFW. Come see what Loren has to say.
The general membership meetings also feature our 50/50 raffle, the winner wins 1/2 the total collected. We also try to give a firearm away at our meetings. One name will be drawn from our membership roster. If you are in attendance and your name is drawn you win. If you are not in attendance...well, the rifle carries over to the next general meeting. Be there for your chance to win. And the chances to win are better than 1:700. that's better than the lottery!

For all going out into the woods, be safe, and have and enjoyable time.

If you know someone who should be a member of OHA, think about buying into our GUN CALENDAR RAFFLE. Buy one of the calendars for $50 and you get a new membership - if you are a current member you cannot use this for renewal- and a chance to win one of 52 firearms to be given away in 2019. Check out the rules on OHA state website

We are trying to increase our membership and this is a way to get others you know to join and gets you a chance to win a firearm.


How to Report a Wildlife and/or Habitat Law Violation or Suspicious Activity: 

TIP Hotline:  1-800-452-7888  (24/7)
TIP E-Mail:   [email protected]   (Monitored M-F 8:00AM - 5:00PM)
(Please use the TIP Hotline for Weekend and Evening Reporting)

Oregon Hunters Membership Application

Shopping Ideas

Here we are looking into 2018. Please keep in mind that Fred Meyer and AmazonSmile will share with us a part of what you spend shopping.

Also, for that hard to find gift, consider tickets to our Blacktail Classic Banquet. Forms can be seen by clicking on the "More" page.

See the News and Downloads page for complete Fred Meyer information

Now that we are going into the holidays and you will be shopping online, please don't forget about AmazonSmile. Amazon also helps us with a percentage of all orders placed as long as you log into AmazonSmile before you place your order.

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