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Capitol Chapter Oregon Hunters Association

                     Capitol Chapter, Oregon Hunters' Association

From the President

To:  OHA Capitol Chapter Members,


A message to all of you who are a part of what OHA is and represents.

Well, here we are on the go into 2018 and I’m proud to be part of the Capitol Chapter. Our chapter is striving to improve better connection with each of it’s members. It takes a lot of work and input to accomplish all the things our chapter strives toward. Work is not the only thing that is required, we also have need of finances to get this work done. Every year we have The Blacktail Classic (BTC) fundraiser. It is the only source of the funds we use to provide for the chapter each year. The proceeds fund all our meetings, projects– everything. As Hard as we try, it has been difficult to come up with these funds.

During our discussion about this it seemed so simple. The amount we are trying to raise to help the BTC isn’t huge. We are setting out sights on a $3,000 goal. With this chapter’s membership it would take very little— the price of a cup or two of coffee to make this happen. If each member donated $5 it would put us over the goal. Now we still rely on those of you who donate many times over that and count on you again this year and we thank you.

In addition to this year’s BTC fund raiser, I’m asking each member who can’t make it to the BTC to boost this year’s fund raising by donating $5 or $10 to help provide for our chapter. If we all jump in and become part of it, we will see what can be done. Please send your donations to     Capitol Chapter OHA, 58 Lancaster Dr SE #342, Salem, OR 97317-5642. Please make checks out to Capitol Chapter OHA-BTC.

A receipt that you may use for tax deduction (consult with tax advisor) will be sent to you upon request.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Ed Munson, President

February News

Fred Meyer Rewards Information

We received our first "reward" from Fred Meyer. The only problem with it was that there are only 2 families signed up. Hey folks I know there are more of you out there that shop at Freddy's. How about stepping up and helping the chapter out?

NOTE You will have to type the link to Fred Meyer yourself. This flyer is a copy only.

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